rtsIO is an abandoned project I started working on when learning web developement and JavaScript. The idea stems from a friend (Neroxis) who thought of a very simple browser based real-time strategy game with a low entry barrier for new players. (who has also done all of the current (non placeholder) textures)

I began this project to create a prototype and to finally get my hands on to JavaScript. (I disliked JavaScript a bit before due to it being a bit unstructured (no static typing system) and for being used for stuff it wasn’t intended for (looking at you node.js and electron folks…))

The backend is completely written in Java using the Spark framework, the frontend is based on HTML5 and JavaScript.

A running demo can be checked out here: http://geosearchef.de:4567 (hopefully, if it’s running)

The source code can be found here: https://github.com/Geosearchef/rtsIO