Wireless Sensing

I’ve been working as a research assistant at the Technical University of Munich for the past two years. During this period, I worked on leveraging Channel State Information (CSI) from Commoditiy-Off-The-Shelf wireless devices to investigate respiratory and heart rate. (TLDR: getting your heart beat from your WiFi signal 🙂 )

I built a framework for obtaining CSI, acceleration and ECG data from multiple different sources and evaluating it for vital signs in real-time. Additionally, I worked on classifying different movement types from WiFi signals using different machine learning approaches. A more in-depth description and the technical report can be found here.

Quantum Computing

Additionally, one of my foci has been quantum computing. After having taken a fundamental lecture on the topic in university, I immediately started out on building my own quantum state vector simulator. As part of a seminar, this quickly turned into an interactive application for visualizing the ZX-Calculus, a generalized, alternate representation for quantum circuits. I then chose to do a guided research project on leveraging the diagrammatic notation for automatically optimizing the underlying quantum ciruits. More details as well as the report can be found here.