Qirella – Quantum Statevector Simulator

I’m currently developing a quantum statevector simulator using Kotlin. Check it out here: https://github.com/geosearchef/qirella

After taking a basic quantum computing course in university I decided on implementing a statevector simulator for quantum circuits myself. I quickly focused on a web app as it would allow users to run the application everywhere without having to install it.

After trying to accustom myself to the thought of having to do quantum computing in JS, I figured that Kotlin is also capable of transpiling to JS. Being a (mainly) Java developer, for me this was the best opportunity to learn a new language that fixed so many issues I was facing in Java while also allowing me to build JVM, web or native applications in a modern, statically typed language.

After discovering operator overloading, extension functions, null safety, data classes, infix funtions and so much more, I don’t think I will be going back soon. 🙂

An early build of Kirella,
most of the work so far has gone into the background quantum simulation and measurement