Games Engineering

Here you can find some of the projects I’ve been doing in my freetime over the past years. Lot’s of them are games (although I don’t wanna be a games engineer) as no other area let’s you achieve something you can actually see and that easily play around with.

I also got pretty interested into 3D rendering using modern OpenGL as can be seen from my self written engine called Matella.

The past years I’ve drifted somewhat away from this and have mainly focused on more technical and software engineering wise complicated projects.

  • Matella – My self written engine based on modern OpenGL using LWJGL
  • OrangeJuice – First attempt at writing a first person based RTS
  • Kirella – Taking all experience about first person RTS games to a new project, based on Matella
  • rtsIO – A prototype for a browser based simple RTS suggested by a friend, started cause I felt like I finally needed to get into Javascript

Yes, I like RTS games. 🙂