MLD63 – Petrominos

This was my first ever “ludum dare” although it being a mini LD. I did this as a preperation for the real LudumDare 34. In this type of contest you get 2 weeks for creating your submission and are allowed to use all tools/existing code and assets you want.

The topic was “Fusion” which resulted in a lot of arcarde games being fused together. After some brain storming I decided on Tetris and Breakout. I fused them by creating a basic Tetris game with your task being to clear as many rows as possible. The only problem is that my piece shapes are a bit unsual. To make up for this you get a falling/bouncing ball that allows you to destroy unwanted tiles in a breakout fashion.

The game can be played in singleplayer or cooperational mode by letting 2 different people control each of the games.


PetronminosScreenshot: Weird Tetris blocks and a breakout fashion falling ball