LD38 – AIWars

LD38 was my third LudumDare participation. This time I was working with a friend (Saman) again.

We quickly settled on creating an infinitely repeating world as the theme was “A small world”. Majority of our time was spent on modifying the engine to create a world of hexagons that seamlessly repeats in every direction. At the beginning we didn’t really have any clear idea of how our gameplay would look like. This turned out to be a bad decision as the gameplay mechanic we decided onto later, having two AI populations fight each other and making it the players goal to seperate them, would have been a great idea if executed correctly. In its current state, the game is hardly playable, AI units spawn, reproduce and create warriors that chase each other, but sometimes units get buggged and the game is pretty unpredictable.

Still, this LudumDare was hell a lot of fun while pushing the limits of my engine and creating a fancy graphics demo. (I’m a very bad game designer, I focus on the engineering part 🙂 )

Download: LudumDare Submission Page (not enough ratings to receive a score)

AIWars screenshot