LD37 – Shards

This was my second overall LudumDare participation. I did this one on my own which also was a great experience as it cuts down on transportation time and allows you to work as long as you desire to then just move a few feet and drop into your own bed ;).

The theme this time around was “One Room” and took me quite some time and juggling of thought to come up with an idea. Finally, I decided that creating a puzzle game using the new portal feature of my engine, something I had been wanting to do for some time, was the perfect fit for the theme.

In the game, there are 6 different “rooms” which are connected to appear as one room using portals which can be manipulated by the player. So it’s basically the same one room all the time, but it’s got a different layout. This idea was especially appealing to me as it allowed me to experiment with non euclidean (impossible) geometry.

Your task is to move through the room and close/open portals so you finally get all required “shard spawners” connected to a desired target location. There are multiple levels for you to solve.

The game ended up not being a puzzle game but more of a confusing labyrinth game. It suffers from the same issues as most LD entries, as it’s missing a tutorial (due to lack of time) so people spent some time until they figure out the game mechanic. (video of the first few levels can be found below)

Download: LudumDare Submission Page



Portals may flicker on some graphics cards (like Intel’s integrated ones).