Hi there!

Hello and welcome to my website! I’m Geosearchef.

I’m currently a master’s student in computer science at the Technical University of Munich.

I spend a lot of my free time on writing code, reading and of course playing games with friends.

I have some experience with networking and machine learning, though my main interest at the moment is in quantum computing. I’ve written an interactive tool called Qirella for displaying and working with ZX-diagrams which are an alternative representation for quantum circuits. Currently I’m working on researching different optimization techniques for quantum circuits using different calculi like the ZX-Calculus.

Additionally, I’m also researching on vital sign monitoring (e.g. respiratory) using the Channel State Information obtained from commercial WiFi routers.

I hope you can get some insight on what I like to do and what inspires me on these sites. For a summary of my experience, go to: Projects

I’m also a computer scientist and not a designer so hopefully you can forgive me the look of my website.